2024 9th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications (ICCIA 2024)

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Welcome to the official website of the 2024 9th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications (ICCIA 2024), which will be held in Haikou, China, during August 9-11, 2024, co-sponsored by Hainan University, hosted by School of Computer Science and Technology (Hainan University, China), co-hosted by Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) .

Computational Intelligence (CI), as an offshoot of the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a research field of studying various tools such as fuzzy logic, neuro networks, genetic algorithms, etc. Growing technical achievements to gather and integrate multi-“style” data from sensors, mobile devices, social media, log files, cameras, microphones etc. provide useful information about the state and the environment of the data sources, but also result in large and complex data sets, known as Big Data, which requires more efficient and powerful data analysis methods and applications.

Recently, the great breakthroughs, Convolutional Nets in Deep Learning, in the field of Computational Intelligence have tremendously attracted the sights of researchers and aroused their enthusiasms in exploring broader applications of the CI solutions to “Big Data” problems. Deep Learning, as a core domain of CI, provides more efficient algorithms to deal with large-scale data in neuroscience, computer vision, speech recognition, language processing, biomedical informatics, recommender systems, learning theory, robotics, gaming theory. DL is gaining applications in many domains due to the availability of large amount of data coupled with machine learning algorithms. As an increasing trend, it is necessary to establish a research forum that will enable to identify the emerging trends in the domain. As a huge part of “Big Data” comes from social networks, understanding and representations of texts in Natural Languages (NL) play an extremely important role and it is indispensable to bring Computational Semantics elements into CI to provide a true machine understandable, interactive, and communicable environment. To meet these requirements, ICCIA will provide researchers and practitioners an effective forum to exchange their latest findings and achievements in the fields of Computational Intelligence.



09 Aug. 2024
11 Aug. 2024





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