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AAAI 2024 Workshop on AI in Finance for Social Impact

Welcome to AAAI 2024 workshop on AI in Finance for Social Impact. This workshop aims to bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote socially responsible finance by providing a platform for sharing ideas, experiences, and best practices. The workshop aims to contribute to the advancement of socially responsible finance and foster collaborations between different stakeholders.

The financial sector’s shift towards creating social impact has been driven by various factors, such as the growing consumer consciousness regarding the social and environmental impact of their purchases and investments, and push from governments and regulatory bodies for more socially responsible investment practices. Companies have recognized the importance of incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into their investment decisions to better manage risks and align their investments with their social responsibility goals.

Furthermore, with the increasing adoption of AI in the finance industry, its potential to ensure ethical and sustainable practices has become more prominent. AI is being used to combat financial crime, facilitate financial inclusion, advance ESG investing, and develop privacy-preserving solutions. Moreover, efforts are being made to ensure the responsible and ethical development and utilization of AI to avoid uninte



26 Feb. 2024
26 Feb. 2024





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