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EmpathiCH2024: Scrutinizing Empathy-Centric Design Beyond the Individual

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Empathy in HCI research is gaining attention, yet the research primarily focuses on “perspective-taking” in technology design for users’ subjective experiences and contexts. However, the depth of empathy extends to collective experiences influenced by digital environments and non-human interactions. In our third EmpathiCH workshop, we will reassess HCI’s focus on empathy in design and explore diverse empathy dimensions.

We welcome 4-6 page submissions (excluding references) via the ACM Master Article Submission Template (single column), touching on themes such as:

Empathy-centered design: Its applicability, constraints, and implications for various stakeholders;

Collective Empathy: The nurturing or disruption of empathy in digital communities and design implications;

Empathy for a Cause: Its role in digital activism, potential for misuse, and the risk of indoctrination; and

Post-humanist Empathy: Exploring empathy beyond human perspectives in interactions with non-human entities and abstract constructs.

Our aim is to gather diverse professionals from HCI, AI, social science, design, and more, for a dialogue on these subjects. The workshop will culminate in the “Empathy Beyond the Individual” research direction.

Submissions need to be submitted on Easychair by February 22, 2024.

Selection is based on originality, quality, relevance, and potential for stimulating discussion, using a double-blind review (three reviewers per paper). Accepted papers will feature in ACM’s International Conference Proceedings Series. At least one author per paper must attend, with registration for one conference day. For inquiries, contact Alok Debnath (debnatha [at] tcd.ie) and Allison Lahnala (allison.lahnala [at] uni-marburg.de)



14 May. 2024
19 May. 2024





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