Drug Delivery Summit 2024 – Germany


Drug Delivery Summit 2024 – Germany

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Formulation design for poorly soluble compounds
Understand the most recent technological advancements to improve the dissolution and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.
New drug delivery technologies for better deliverability
The future of drug deliveries across the skin barrier to the systemic circulation via Iontophoresis, electroporation, sonophoresis, magnetophoresis, dermal patches, nanocarriers, and needled and needle-less shots.
Latest developments in controlled released technologies
Evaluate controlled release methods that enhance drug therapy’s safety, efficacy, reliability, and convenience by controlling the rate and duration of drug release to control drug actions.
Optimising drug formulations for continuous manufacturing
Learn about new methods in continuous manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry, which offers the potential for cost reduction, enhanced efficiency, and economic viability.
Overcoming the blood-brain barrier and re-engineering biologics
Looking at the structural elements and anatomical features of the blood-brain barrier, various in vivo, in situ blood-brain barrier models, and adopting molecular Trojan horse technologies.
Developing new drug modalities and biotherapeutics
Achieve a deeper understanding of biotherapeutics and novel drug modalities beyond traditional small molecules, including RNA-based approaches, targeted protein degradation, covalent inhibitors, next-generation peptides, and antibodies




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24 Jun. 2024
25 Jun. 2024





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