NASA Formal Methods: 16th International Symposium

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The widespread use and increasing complexity of mission-critical and safety-critical systems at NASA andin the aerospace industry requires advanced technologies to address their specification, design,verification, validation, and certification processes. For example, there is an increasing need forautonomous systems in deep space missions including NASAโ€™s Moon to Mars exploration plans. TheNASA Formal Methods Symposium is a forum to foster collaboration between theoreticians andpractitioners from NASA, other government agencies, academia, and industry, with the goal of identifyingchallenges and providing solutions towards achieving assurance for such critical systems.The focus of this symposium is on formal techniques for software and system assurance for applicationsin space, aviation, robotics, and other NASA-relevant safety-critical systems. This yearโ€™s symposiumextends the focus to safety assurance of machine learning enabled autonomous systems, formalmethods for digital transformation, and accessibility for new industries.



04 Jun. 2024
06 Jun. 2024


Mountain View



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