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Office Wellbeing by Design: Don’t Stand for Anything Less

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The modern office is designed to prioritize productivity – we have developed technology to make nearly every work task easier and more efficient. In pursuit of this goal, however, the wellbeing of workers has taken a backseat. Office workers are sedentary most of the day, and technologies are introduced to the workplace without considering the long-term impact on wellbeing. To design a resilient future workplace, there is a clear need for researchers and practitioners to work together in creating holistic, human-centered technologies and policies.

Our workshop will bring together practitioners and researchers working on and interested in related topics to discuss and take action toward establishing best practices in designing a healthier workplace. The in-person/hybrid one-day workshop will include presentations, discussions-in-motion, and collaborative methods.



11 May. 2024
16 May. 2024





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