Drilling for Hydrogen 2024

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Economic outlook and market trends in geological hydrogen production
Exploring the cost-competitiveness of white hydrogen production compared to grey, blue, and green hydrogen.
Understanding the geology, geophysics, and reservoir characterization
Focusing on source rock, comparing flux versus accumulation, and evaluating hydrogen reserve estimation tools.
Emerging technologies and innovations in natural hydrogen extraction
Discover drilling and production techniques and digital predictive analysis for hydrogen extraction processes.
Building partnerships for infrastructure development across key sectors
Leveraging expertise, resources, and innovations within multiple sectors to reduce overall lifecycle emissions in hydrogen production.
Case studies from industry leaders on next-generation energy sources
Assessing the financial and technical feasibility of commercial-scale geological hydrogen exploration.
Regulatory updates for Geological H₂ production and transportation
Learn the latest policies and regulations governing natural hydrogen production, utilization, and transportation.

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Organizer - DRILLING FOR HYDROGEN 2024 Exhibition and Conference



11 Sep. 2024
12 Sep. 2024





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