Electric Aircraft 2024


Electric Aircraft 2024

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Market fundamentals for next-generation electric aviation technologies
Understand the key market drivers for the electric aircraft industry globally and explore the opportunities for commercialization of the associated technologies.
Exploring AAM technologies and advances toward autonomous flight
Discover the latest innovations in (eVTOL/ eSTOL/ eCTOL), the strides made in autonomous flight technologies, and the infrastructure (vertiports) required for next-generation aviation.
Latest research in Electric and Hybrid Propulsion with improved efficiency
Evaluate the breakthroughs in designing safe electric and hybrid propulsion systems with fixed-wing and rotary-wing technologies.
Advanced battery and hybrid energy system design for extending the range
Gain insights from battery experts on high-energy density battery technologies for take-off thrust and flying longer distances, looking beyond sole reliance on batteries with hybridized propulsion systems such as turbogenerators and fuel cells.
Use cases of urban e-aviation development and commercialization
Understand the current developments in electric urban aviation, use cases of air taxis and last-mile logistics services, and the status of their commercialization.
Upcoming regulations and safety standards for the electric aviation industry
Hear from key regulators and certification bodies on ensuring electric aircraft meet statutory and safety requirements in line with existing aviation standards.


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01 Apr. 2024
02 Apr. 2024


Los Angeles



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