LFP Battery Tech 2024

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Market trends and future outlook for LFP battery technology in EVs
Understand global market drivers for the LFP battery industry and new testing methods to advance LFP battery design for electric vehicles.
Performance and reliability comparison of LFP with other battery chemistries
Examining the safety and lifespan of LFP batteries versus the energy density of NCM batteries makes them ideal for specific electric vehicle (EV) applications where longevity and safety outweigh the need for high energy density.
Research on improving LFP batteries’ energy density and temperature tolerance
Explore nano-engineering and electrolyte modification to enhance the energy density of LFP batteries and reduce their temperature sensitivity, aiming for broader application in electric vehicles and cold climates.
Recycling prospects and viability of mineral extraction for EOL LFP batteries
Assessing emerging recycling technologies for end-of-life LFP batteries that offer efficient lithium and phosphate recovery, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable mineral reuse.
Case studies on Innovative LFP battery production techniques
Showcasing breakthroughs in LFP manufacturing, including scalable synthesis and solvent-free electrode processing, reduce costs and enhance battery performance and sustainability.
Upcoming regulations and safety standards for the LFP battery technology
Hear from leading regulators and classification bodies about compliance with regulations and industry standards.

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04 Sep. 2024
05 Sep. 2024


Detroit Michigan



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