Yurii Ramskyi STE(A)M Workshop 2024 co-operated with XVI International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education

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Yurii Ramskyi STEM@ICon-MaSTEd 2024 is a peer-reviewed international Computer Science and educational workshop focusing on research wide range of ideas, concepts, practices, and techniques that are geared towards ensuring that society and humans will be ready for life in the future digital world. These practices are based on key principles such as applied character to real-world problems; learning through problem-solving and critical thinking; integration of different content. The goal of STEM@ICon-MaSTEd is to bring together educators and researchers from schools, universities, colleges, and cultural institutions, businesses, industries, and other private and public agencies around the world to share their ideas, discuss current research works, present practical results, and identify new trends in this important emerging area. Yurii Ramskyi STEM@ICon-MaSTEd 2024 workshop is a great place to check out new education products and platforms, see some curriculums in action, communicate with other STEM professionals, reevaluate your own teaching strategies.



15 May. 2024
15 May. 2024





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